Vehicle Tracking Solutions

ORIGOConnect is a supplier and reseller of Geotab GPS tracking and Aoedi dash cams.

Our diverse range of products allows us to satisfy all our clients who have fleets of vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, and plant equipment.

It is our number one priority to provide the best service we can to our customers. Our team’s professional work ethic and commitment has got us to where we are today making us one of the best GPS tracking companies in Australia. .

We have the largest contractor company in Australia and with the vast network of qualified professional mobile installers we have the skills and experience to carry out your installations.

Why Choose ORIGOConnect?

  • Exclusive Geotab GPS Supplier
  • Pioneering Safety Device
  • Seamless Integration
  • Wide Product Range
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Professional Team
  • Contractor Expertise
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Our GPS fleet tracking devices offer many possibilities

The Geotab GO9® and GO9 RUGGED® fleet tracking devices are easy to install into any vehicle or powered asset in your fleet. They intelligently gather and transmit data points, including key insights about engine diagnostics, driver performance and safety.
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A powerful fleet management solutions platform

Our scalable MyGeotab fleet management solutions platform collects, processes and presents decision-worthy, real-time insights through cohesive dashboards, as well as standardised and custom reports. Track your fleet in real-time and analyse vital data trends related to vehicle health, driving habits, fuel consumption and more.
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Integrate and customise for a tailored fleet tracking solution

Connect hardware like cameras and sensors to expand your visibility into road conditions and safety hazards. Integrate with operational systems to see your fleet-related data with broader context. Invest in a fleet tracking system that can scale on your terms.