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Track unpowered assets and other equipment through fleet asset tracking software

Trailers, containers and other mobile assets are all a risk that need to be monitored using fleet asset monitoring solutions. Equip your assets with real-time fleet asset-tracking GPS to track their location.
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Protect mobile assets from theft with fleet asset tracking software

Equipment left on site or in yards poses a risk of theft. Fit equipment with an asset tracking system and be alert to any asset moving outside zones when they shouldn’t be, as well as their location anywhere in the world. With a ruggedised design and extensive battery life, our fleet asset tracking solutions are suited for the outdoors and all inclement weather.
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Fleet asset tracking solutions that monitor asset utilisation and productivity

Report on trailer dwell time and movement in yards, entry and exit times, and true utilisation. Know not only how your vehicles are performing, but also about the stock you’re moving — all through MyGeotab fleet asset tracking software.

Commonly asked questions

How does fleet asset tracking work?

Fleets can use fleet asset tracking to determine where their vehicles are and what they're doing. Geotab’s fleet asset tracking solution covers a wide range of topics, including driver safety, fleet compliance, vehicle emissions and vehicle health.
Asset tracking software allows fleets to keep track of their vehicles and other fleet activities. Other areas of interest for Geotab in fleet tracking include fleet compliance, vehicle emissions, driver safety and vehicle health.
Your connected fleet will benefit greatly from vehicle asset tracking. It allows you to collect engine data as the GPS and internal sensors track the vehicle's movement. Allow our industry-leading fleet management software to analyse your fleet and assist you in making informed, dependable decisions.
There are many advantages to using Geotab’s fleet asset tracking software, the GO Device. This includes:

• Easy to install
• Expandable via IOX
• Secured communication
• In-built accelerometer and gyroscope
• Extensive vehicle support
• Broad EV compatibility
Fleet asset tracking solutions offer a multitude of benefits. They provide real-time tracking of every asset in your fleet, allowing immediate location reporting. This feature of equipment tracking software can help protect your assets from theft or unwanted movement by alerting you if an asset moves outside predefined zones. Asset tracking software also enables tracking of powered and unpowered equipment, making it versatile for different types of assets. Furthermore, vehicle asset tracking systems help monitor asset utilization and productivity, ensuring each investment is being used to its fullest potential.
Fleet asset tracking software significantly aids businesses in improving productivity and safeguarding the value of their assets. By allowing real-time equipment tracking, businesses can monitor their trailers, containers, and other mobile assets constantly, reducing the risk of with theft or misplacement. Asset monitoring solutions also enable businesses to manage and track their assets in various locations worldwide, making operations more streamlined and efficient.
Fleet asset tracking software enhances efficiency by providing real-time tracking of all assets, which saves time and resources compared to manual tracking. It also allows businesses to monitor asset utilization, ensuring that all assets are being used productively. With detailed reporting on trailer dwell time, movement, and utilization, businesses can identify areas of inefficiency and take steps to improve.
By providing real-time tracking and monitoring of all assets, fleet asset tracking software can significantly reduce costs with asset theft or loss costs. The ability to track asset utilization also means businesses can ensure they are making the most of their investments, reducing wastage and unnecessary expenses. Additionally, the software's alert system notifies businesses of any asset moving outside its designated zone and minimizes the risk of theft, thus avoiding replacement costs.